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49ers 15, Lions 13 Fourth Quarter Gamethread

Unfortunately, the 49ers started things off with a three-and-out. They didn't look good and Alex Smith looked awfully antsy, something we really need to avoid at this point. So the Lions came out on the field, and it was all Jahvid Best. He had a 21-yard reception, and then a big screen pass that took him into the red zone. The 49ers are concentrating too much on other guys, Donte Whitner was barely able to save the touchdown. The Lions get to third and goal, and Stafford throws it out of bounds. The field goal from 24 yards is good and Detroit takes a 13-12 lead.

The 49ers come back out, and Alex Smith doesn't look great. He throws another swing to Frank Gore, this is one he should not throw at all. He saw it, and still threw it, and Gore got blown up for a three-yard loss. Then they couldn't get the play in on time and had to call a timeout. They come back with a huge run from Frank Gore, 55 yards, and they get a horsecollar penalty tacked on. It shouldn't have been a penalty, but what makes me mad is the stupid commentary team absolutely LIVID that the Lions got a bad call, but they're totally fine with the 49ers getting them.

Either way, the 49ers burn a challenge on something they probably should not have challenged, when Michael Crabtree got the same foot down inbounds at the one-yard line twice, but not two feet. Then Delanie Walker drops what would have been a huge touchdown, it was an awesome play call and I really hope it doesn't come back to haunt us. 

Calvin Johnson gets a big reception on the next Lions drive, making Tarell Brown look like a small child. That was a bad one. But the 49ers recover, and Donte Whitner gets great pressure on third down (after I almost had a heart attack seeing Chris Culliver in coverage on Johnson) and Matthew Stafford is called for intentional grounding. Ted Ginn Jr. gets a nice return, and we're back in action.

Michael Crabtree gets a huge catch over the middle and the 49ers are in good position. But they keep throwing it, and it's something I don't agree with, since Gore has 120+ yards. They end up having to punt, and that negates what could have been a scoring drive. Fortunately, the 49ers come out looking for blood, Justin Smith gets a sack, and the Lions have to punt from their own endzone.

Then Alex Smith turns into Alex Smith again and throws ANOTHER high pass to Michael Crabtree. This one is picked off and the Lions get the ball at midfield. They drive downfield and are somewhere close. FOX crew says Lions have lead going into fourth. Yeah, about that. Anyway... GO NINERS. Last thread had bad mojo.