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49ers Players Exuberant Following Victory Over Lions

Fooch's Note: We're using this thread for non-49ers game discussion.

Well then, that game was something else. Although a tight battle can be gut-wrenching, it also likely results in greater emotion than a blowout. The 49ers hung around and hung around and overcame a variety of brutal mistakes to pull out an emotional victory over the Lions.

It should thus be no surprise in this age of Twitter that 49ers players are fired up and tweeting about the victory. We don't want a team getting too overconfident, but I don't mind a little trash talk following the victory. I am fairly confident that Coach Harbaugh can keep the players focused on the task at hand. As long as the 49ers are focused when it matters, a little extra smack talk is fine. This is a franchise that has struggled for much of the last decade, so the gushing of confidence now is not surprising.

If you are not a big twitter follower, I recommend at least checking out the 49ers players. I've put together a basic 49ers Players List. For now, here is one of my favorite following the game.

Honkin the horns again as we leave somebody's stadium ..... And apperantly the lions fans think were #1!!! Hahaha
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