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49ers vs. Lions: Thank You For That Zero

The 49ers players always have some fun tweets after games, so I figure I'll continue to grab one for this close out post for the evening. And of course you all know by now what comes after the jump.

Man all I can say is it's a great feeling when u win! Beating a team that was 5-0 what a better way to leave the D on a winning note!
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It really is great to take the Lions zero and head back to San Francisco for a much deserved bye week. When a team is playing this well you kind of wish they could keep playing, but resting up for a week and getting guys like Braylon Edwards back is really helpful. The 49ers have numerous weapons on offense and adding to that will help. There have also been some rumors about potentially adding Brandon Lloyd to the mix. The trade deadline is Tuesday so  if it is going to happen it needs to happen soon.

Lloyd or not, the 49ers have to be feeling good about themselves. They have plenty of areas to improve, primarily in terms of consistency. But their domination on defense and special teams has bought the offense time to gel. The offensive line is really starting to come together after struggling mightily early on. The team will now be able to work out some more of the kinks and get ready for Cleveland after the bye.

While things could go haywire in a split-second, my confidence in the coaching staff is what keeps me from worrying too much about that. There will be some struggles along the way, but overall the ship is moving full steam ahead in the right direction. Another victory, another good day.