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49ers Reportedly Interested In Brandon Lloyd As NFL Trade Deadline Approaches

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Fooch's Note: Well that was sufficiently resolved. Lloyd to the Rams.

The 2011 NFL trade deadline is tomorrow, and while there is nothing like the flurry of deals before baseball or basketball's trade deadline, we might see a move or two happen. There are some teams with specific needs and there are opportunities to fill those needs on the market.

Then we have the San Francisco 49ers. The latest rumors have them reportedly showing a strong interest in Lloyd. Aside from the report, the Denver Post is reporting something similar. It is possible the Broncos are using the 49ers as a smoke-screen to drive up interest in Lloyd, but it is also possible the 49ers are looking to make a deal.

The loss of Joshua Morgan hurt the 49ers wide receiver depth, but they are getting Braylon Edwards back hopefully after the bye. Some would make the argument that you can never have too many weapons, but is that necessarily the case given this particular offense and the pieces already in place? That is not to say Brandon Lloyd couldn't contribute, but I just don't know if I buy this happening. This is strictly from a football point of view and not his history with the 49ers or anything like that.

Now, if the team is concerned about Braylon Edwards ability to contribute, I could see that being a reason to at least consider the move. Of course, even then you are still dealing with a guy who is a free agent after this year. Does he bring enough to warrant spending a pick on a guy who could be a half-season rental?

For those wondering, the Broncos are reportedly trying to get a mid-round pick around the third to fifth range. The Rams might also be interested as they have been dealing with a whole host of injuries that have sapped them of depth. At least we get some kind of resolution by tomorrow.