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49ers-Lions: Jim Harbaugh Monday Handshake Press Conference

The San Francisco 49ers are back home after a third East Coast victory and stand at 5-1 heading into the bye week. Jim Harbaugh will conduct his usual Monday after press conference, although today's press conference comes at 3:00pm pacific instead of noon. The team changed up the meeting schedule a bit, so maybe we'll get a chance for a little bit more info in this week's press conference.

I'd imagine some of the early questions will revolve around his post-game broo haa haa brouhaha with Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. It has overshadowed a hard fought game in which the 49ers continued to establish their credentials as one of the legit playoff contenders in the league. There will be a league investigation, but I don't suspect we'll see a whole lot more on this. Well, unless the two teams meet up in the playoffs. The NFL has to be salivating over that possibility.

Other than that, we'll likely get some questions about going through the bye week, how much time the team will have off, and how they will use the bye week to prepare for week eight against the Cleveland Browns. The team is doing a lot of things really well, but has plenty of room to improve. They have shown that they can build something without a lengthy offseason, but I've got to think having a chance to regroup for a week actually might be coming along at the perfect time.

The team is on top of the world right now, but trouble starts when you begin to believe your own press. I'm not overly concerned about that given Coach Harbaugh's nature, but it is worth keeping in mind.

Jim Harbaugh Press Conference