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Monday Night Football Open Thread: The Harbaucalypse Is Approaching

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We're back for another week of Monday Night Football with a fairly abysmal matchup between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. It is not a particularly enticing matchup, but there are some intriguing players to watch. One guy to keep an eye on is Dolphins running back Daniel Thomas. He has missed time with injuries, but when healthy he has been really solid. You could also say it is worth viewing to see if the Jets can blow a hole in their season with a loss against the Dolphins. On the other side, the Dolphins are in a big time battle for the number one overall pick of the draft.

If the game bores you, there is always room to continue discussing the fast approaching Harbaucalypse. A user over at Reddit (skygt) put together this picture of the Four Horsemen of the Harbaucalypse. I know not everybody will agree with the four players picture, but I think you could go with a whole host of players in this image and it would suit me just fine. My personal goal is to get one with Andy Lee, Ted Ginn Jr., David Akers and Brian Jennings. Special teams have been huge all season for the 49ers, so why not give them some love? Any thoughts on who your Four Horsemen would be?

As for the coming Harbaucalypse, the more wins this team piles up, the more fans will drink the Harbaugh kool-aid. The Cult of Harbaugh is turning into quite the dynamic. I'm not here to say it is a bad thing by any means, but it is interesting to see how this develops if the 49ers sustain this success.