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Jim Harbaugh, Frank Gore & SB Nation

I've noticed that for some folks, Niners Nation is their singular destination within the SB Nation network. Some folks don't even know that Niners Nation is part of a network of over 300 team and sports blogs. Whether you are interested in the 49ers, Texas A&M football, Portland Timbers soccer, or MMA, there are numerous blogs to check out.

SB Nation was founded around team and sports blogs, but the network has expanded its primary site to provide some awesome original content. If you don't check it out, I really do recommend you at least poke around it when you have a free minute. You won't enjoy every single thing on the site, but I bet you can find some topic or specific writer you enjoy reading.

I bring this up now due to some work I've done and also a great post from earlier today by Andrew Sharp. My two pieces are similar to stuff you've seen here. At SBNation NFL we are working on putting together some break downs of the big plays of the day. This was a sort of tryout week so I stuck with two teams I know. I broke down Frank Gore's huge 47-yard run, and then two huge special teams plays in the Raiders victory over the Browns. It is not all 49ers, but for the football junkies, it could provide a nice little fix. Brian Floyd put together a similar piece on Fred Jackson's big run against the New York Giants.

For something a little less mechanical and a bit more humorous, Andrew Sharp wrote up an NFL Head Coach Deathmatch Power Rankings article. Who would you take in an over the top battle royal featuring 32 NFL head coaches?

I don't do a whole ton of SB Nation promotion, but I really do think you should include in your daily web surfing. If you are over the same old stuff at ESPN or other sites, SB Nation provides some unique takes on the big stories of the day.