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Golden Nuggets: Unlikely Threat? I Disagree

A day later, and people are still talking about the Harbaugh-Schwartz thing. I mentioned that I wouldn't be linking to it again, and I probably don't have much on that anyway, but I did want to make of note of how ridiculous Mike Florio is. I'm not going to link his post, but he talks about how the NFL got it wrong and what a big injustice it is that neither of them got fined. There was also talk about how Chuck Noll and people like him would never do that kind of thing, when you can find more than a couple incidents of him doing just that on YouTube. So yeah. Go Florio. On to the 49ers links, chillldren!

Forget the handshake talk, the 49ers are 5-1 and the team wants to improve (

San Francisco's Unlikely Threat (

NFL won't discipline Harbaugh, Schwartz for postgame tussle (

Harbaugh knew the rule, after all (

Alex Smith's view of the Harbaugh shakedown (

49ers' tuck rule: Enjoy the victory (

Tarell Brown explains his improvement, and more (

Davis explains vulgar, anti-Lions tweets (

Win over Lions was perfect example of the new 49ers swagger (

Harbaugh's Niners have division title wrapped up (

Jim Harbaugh's Monday press conference: Complete transcript (

Harbaugh: Apology, no. Responsibility, yes. (

Week 6 Game Notes (

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