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Golden Nuggets: Bye Weeks Suck

Morning, folks. Right about now is when it's going to get pretty boring around here. I honestly hate the bye week ... it's a plague on my interest in football, and I have only the Oakland Raiders to thank for holding my attention with the trade for Carson Palmer. I'm also doing writing for the Central news desk now, so I'm also writing about the Colts, Vikings, Lions and Browns (among other teams in that region), and that's getting me through it. But for the most part, every time I write about another team, I miss 49ers football even more. Let's get to the linkage for today.

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49ers review: Offensive player-by-player (

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49ers RB Frank Gore, LB Aldon Smith and WR Ted Ginn nominated for weekly awards (

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49ers Release Taylor; Sign Beeler to P-Squad (

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