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SB Nation iPhone/Android App Update

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For those that were unaware, SB Nation has an iPhone app available in the AppStore if you want to get a better mobile viewing of Niners Nation and other SB Nation blogs. The app allows for easier viewing than if you simply go to the mobile version of NN. The mobile version of the site isn't awful by any stretch, but the App provides an easier viewing experience.

We've got some updates on the App and on an Android version of the App. As it currently stands, the Android App will hopefully be available in time for the holidays. I happen to have an Android so I am looking forward to this.

The iPhone version of this App has also undergone its first update and Version 1.1 will be released soon. The update has been submitted to the App store and once approved, you will be able to download it ASAP. This update should include iOS5 compatibility for those who have updated to that. Additionally, the comments will be much more in line with how they work on your computer, adding in a refresh button and making it easier to reply. You will not yet be able to Rec comments, but that is hopefully in the near future.

After the jump, we've got a video for you to learn a bit more about the updates. If you have any questions or comments about the App now, or some of the changes coming up, post a comment in here. The design folks will be bouncing around the different sites answering questions and noting suggestions for future updates.

iPhone App Video

SB Nation iPhone app - v1.1 from Mark on Vimeo.