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Fantasy Football Sit/Start Projections: Awaiting Word On Frank Gore

The San Francisco 49ers face off against the Philadelphia Eagles in a game that could be tough on the 49ers fantasy prospects, but does feature an intriguing fantasy possibility. In the next couple of hours we'll get the 49ers inactive list, which will give us a better idea of the status of Frank Gore for this game. If Gore is inactive, it appears Kendall Hunter would get the start in his place.

If Gore sits and Hunter starts and you have Hunter on your fantasy team, you face a fairly simple decision whether to sit or start him. It comes down to your thoughts on both the Eagles run defense (not good), and the 49ers overall offensive prospects (potentially also not good). I have Hunter and Gore in one league and just Hunter in another and I'm tempted to roll with him just because I'm a 49ers fan and a glutton for more punishment than just a potential 49ers loss. Why not double-down with a potential fantasy kick in the junk?

The situation becomes complicated if Gore is active for Sunday's game. Hunter could get a fair share of carries even if Gore is active, but it's really difficult to fully assess the situation no matter which of the two you have. The 49ers absolutely have to establish some kind of rushing attack today if they want to spring the upset. I'm fine with however they do it so long as they get a win, even if it costs me fantasy victory. I'd be happy going 0-13 in my fantasy league if the 49ers could win every week. It's a price most of us would be willing to pay.

And yet it is still an interesting subject given the question marks that have been raised about Frank Gore and the offensive line this season. There are plenty of important issues to track later today and this is arguably one of the most important.