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49ers 0, Eagles 7 Second Quarter Gamethread

The 49ers kicked off, and after two plays of no pressure on Michael Vick, Patrick Willis NaVorro Bowman made LeSean McCoy look really silly on third down, forcing the punt. Then the 49ers got the ball ... and Kendall Hunter had a pretty good run. Then Delanie Walker flashed his inability to catch a pass while open (yet routinely looks great in double coverage, somehow), and the officials called it a fumble for some reason. There was all kinds of jive about a lateral and what not, when it was very clear that it was a forward pass and very clear that it was incomplete. These officials are probably going to be really bad today.

But the challenge worked out and we had Kendall Hunter again with an 18-yard reception. Then Frank Gore came in the game and showed great acceleration at the line, and gets a 40-yard gain. Yeah. So that happened. Unfortunately, this was followed by three incompletions and the 49ers were forced to kick a field goal. But David Akers misses the 44-yard field goal. The referees don't call the leverage penalty that was clear as day, and the 49ers are getting screwed.

And then the Eagles came out. And then the Eagles left again. Carlos Rogers with a big interception while covering Desean Jackson. It hurt my fantasy team, but I'll take that up with him next week. For now, good for the Niners.

Then it's Hunter again, but the Eagles have keyed in on him. It seems like the 49ers are trying to force him to do too much, too fast. Staley messes up with a false start, and Colin Kaepernick is in for some reason. What? Oh, it's a timeout. OK. That goes nowhere, and Andy Lee shanks the punt.

Three plays later, the Eagles have three more first downs. And then another .. and another .. it's all bad for the 49ers. Ahmad Brooks gets good pressure on Vick, gets a hand on him, Vick gets away and throws a touchdown pass like nobody's business. The Eagles take a 7-0 lead after the extra point.

Next 49ers drive: stuff happens with things. Staley goes down, and Alex Boone comes in. Michael Crabtree makes a great catch, which Alex Smith threw ten feet over his head or something like that. Then Vernon Davis has a big gain. And an incompletion later, we're in the second quarter.

Go Niners.