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49ers 3, Eagles 20: Third Period Gamethread

Quarter begins with Alex Smith getting sacked, and for once, it's not the fault of the offensive line. Obviously the protection could have been better, but Smith held onto the ball for far too long. David Akers comes out on fourth down, and this time the field goal is good. So that's nice.

But the 49ers continue their lack of pressure on Michael Vick, and he finds Desean Jackson for a 40+ yard reception. No problem, in fact ... I wonder if Smith can do that, given the time? Maybe? Then NaVorro Bowman blitzes up the middle and Vick doesn't get a big play out of it ... and then he does it again and hits him, causing an incompletion on third down. However, the Eagles are in field goal range and they drill it no problem. Bowman looks great.

San Francisco can't get anything done on their next drive. Nnamdi Asomugha is on Vernon Davis, and he breaks up a third down pass. Even from the shotgun, Smith is pressured by two Eagles and throws before he's ready. Andy Lee makes another bad punt, and it's unclear if this is due to some problem or due to Desean Jackson.

Wow. So Michael Vick just burned both Patrick Willis and NaVorro Bowman on one run, where both players probably had enough time to react to it. Willis turned the corner exceptionally slow and Bowman had to run farther and couldn't get it done either. Vick follows up the first down run with another first down through the air and the Eagles are set up at the goal line. The 49ers stuff a run, and then another, and then there's a fumble at the goal line .. the 49ers get the fumble and Philadelphia challenges. Ronnie Brown was the ball carrier, and he like .. held the ball up in the air as he fell instead of tucking it. Reverse psychology. He tosses it away, and it's confirmed - 49ers ball.

Unfortunately, the 49ers go three-and-out. They have a good run to the right side, but incompletions to Vernon Davis and Kendall Hunter followed. Davis was covered by Asomugha and Hunter dropped what was a a surprisingly good short pass from Smith. Lee punts, and it's a good one this time. Jackson laterals to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who is tackled promptly.

Michael Vick runs for another first down. So that sucks. Aldon Smith misses a sack. The 49ers get good pressure on one play, but Vick casually tosses it to Jackson, who is wide open with NOBODY near him. Aldon Smith comes back and gets his first career sack, but the Eagles are still in the red zone. Bowman all over McCoy again on third down, and the Eagles look to kick another field goal. It's good and the 49ers have 2:00 minutes to work with at the end of the half.

So naturally, Jason Babin goes unblocked and Alex Smith shrieks like a schoolchild, before dropping the football like his lunchmoney and hightailing it out of there. Eagles get the fumble recovery and are probably going to score. They do - of course - with no pressure on Vick, they score on a shovel pass to LeSean McCoy.

Then the 49ers do nothing and the half is ended.