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49ers 17, Eagles 23: Fourth Quarter Gamethread, We've Got Ourselves A Game

The 49ers got a call to begin the half, which blows my mind. Joshua Morgan gets a great reception, which was followed up by an impressive slap of the ass from a 49ers assistant, with more windup than a Tim Tebow pass. Unfortunately, Alex Smith has no concept of where the fist down marker, and throws it underneath to Michael Crabtree, his first read. For two yards, on a third and six.

Then David Akers comes out for a field goal attempt, and it's blocked. Effortlessly. Then Michael Vick opens up with a huge pass to DeSean Jackson. And then some other stuff that I didn't watch because I was too busy sobbing into my blanket. I did see the Eagles kick a field goal and take the 23-3 lead, though That was fun to see. Especially the part where everybody on their line actually blocked somebody else, which I know is a lot to ask, but somehow Andy Reid is able to coax it out of his team.

San Francisco takes the field and show they're not giving up yet. Kendall Hunter takes a short reception and turns it into a 44-yard gain. Then It's Morgan on the slant route, a beautiful 30-yard touchdown. Morgan was sure of himself in every way. That's a great play.

The Eagles come back out and I miss a couple plays, but I do see NaVorro Bowman make a great play (which, according to Maiocco, was announced as Willis in the pressbox) on third down to wrap up Vick and stop him short of the first-down marker.

Michael Crabtree comes through with a big 38-yard reception to start San Francisco's drive, with perfect placement from Alex Smith. Kendall Hunter comes in and gets a big 12-yard run. Bruce Miller gets a first down through the air, and the 49ers are rolling. Vernon Davis gets a good pass from Smith and turns it into a nine-yard touchdown reception and suddenly, this game is close. 

Vick is sacked on the first play by Ray McDonald and Aldon Smith, and then McDonald and Ahmad Brooks make another big play on second down, hitting Vick and stopping McCoy. Unfortunately, Tarrel Brown is the guy on DeSean Jackson, and it goes for huge yardage. Brown started running full speed way before Jackson got there, and he was still passed up. The Eagles get called for a penalty and we head into the fourth.