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Michael Crabtree Speeding Ticket: Oh Lame Raiders Fans

The most random story of the bye week (sorry "Improvement Week") thus far has to be Michael Crabtree getting pulled over by a cop and held up for 30 minutes supposedly due to some issues with an out of state license and car registration. The officer claims he didn't recognize Crabtree until some point later in the stop and might not have recognized Crabtree because he (the officer) was a Raiders fan. I'm sure it is not completely cut and dried, but I'll still call a little bit of BS on that.

I suppose it could have ended up like the time Darnell Dockett tweeted away about getting pulled over. I don't recall the exact details but I recall it was getting pretty funny as he tweeted throughout a lengthy situation. And at least it wasn't like the Nate Newton situation where the former Cowboys offensive lineman was arrested for possession of a couple hundred pounds of marijuana.

It seems for the most part like this group of 49ers players are a group of good guys. Some have had trouble in the past but have cleaned it up. I don't mind a confident group of players that might rub another team the wrong way. I do mind players getting in trouble left, right and center. So far, so good.

Just got pull over on highway 280 on my way to the airport. Police kept me for 30 mins.....
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Then told me he was a raiders fan and didn't like the niners!! Made me miss my flight! #49ers
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