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The Joe Show: See Coach Jim Harbaugh Do The White Man Dance

The Joe Show is back with another episode and while we can't embed it here at Niners Nation, you can head over to to view this newest episode. I strongly recommend it as this might actually go down as one of the funniest episodes in recent memory. Joe Staley is going around discussing touchdown celebration dances with players that have yet to score in the NFL.

He opens however chatting with Coach Harbaugh about his playing career and his own rushing touchdowns. Coach Harbaugh apparently spiked the ball a few times but never danced. Joe convinces him to show the folks at home what kind of dance he might do and we basically get a version of the White Man Dance (as a white man I know it well).

After that we get to see guys like Mike Iupati, Adam Snyder, Ian Williams and Blake Costanzo all give us a little bit of flavor with their dances. Joe briefly chats with Anthony Dixon but it really operates only as a teaser. Check out the video ASAP. You can't go wrong.

The bye week content will in fact improve, but "improvement week" can't end soon enough.