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Golden Nuggets: Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates Are Whack

Good morning, gents and female gents. I've now accepted the fact that the 49ers are indeed on a bye week and have ceased crying. Well, I haven't actually ceased crying - I was cooking with ghost chili yesterday and ... well, long story short, I rubbed my eyes like four hours later after washing my hands vigorously five times. If you've ever handled ghost chili before ... you'll know that five times is woefully inadequate. So there have been tears, but they're unrelated to the 49ers. I'm presently angry about the fact that Adam Snyder and Chilo Rachal both got decreased in the latest Madden NFL 12 roster update. After not giving up a sack, manhandling Ndamukong Suh, and contributing to over 200 yards of rushing. Yeah. Onto the links.

Patrick Willis story will inspire (

Run defense is what 49ers do best (

Greg Cosell on Alex Smith and Carson Palmer (

Harbaugh has always been bad at making friends (

49ers winning -- and grinning -- under big brother, Harbaugh (

Best is latest RB unable to finish vs. 49ers; might be done for season (

49ers draft class playing big roles in team's 5-1 start (

History and Numbers Are on 49ers' Side (

In the pass-happy NFL, defense will carry the 49ers only so far (

Crabtree finally home in Texas after traffic stop (

Blue Collar Personified (

Brian Jennings on KNBR (

Vic Fangio on 95.7 The Game (

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