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Jim Harbaugh Approval Rating: Just Shook His Hand Too Hard

Harbaugh Approval Poll
Harbaugh Approval Poll

We're back for the second week of the Jim Harbaugh Approval Rating and thankfully we've got a graphic this week. We should be past the Jim Schwartz incident at this point, but there is something particularly amusing about Coach Harbaugh's post-game response about how he shook his hand a little too hard. There's something about that, sort of like, "Jim Schwartz is a Girly-mahhnn!" (said in Arnold voice). Yes, our coach is kind of a badass.

But beyond the post-game nonsense, it was a tough, grinder of a game and the 49ers handled their business appropriately. The team is now 5-1 and has won games in a variety of ways thus far. They blew out Tampa, had a big comeback against Philadelphia, hung on for a tough comeback in a rowdy Ford Field. They even have learned some things from the Dallas loss.

I actually think this coming weeks contest against the Cleveland Browns will be a big test for Coach Harbaugh. The 49ers are on top of the world right now and coming off a bye week. While the team is not perfect, they are taking care of business and getting wins. We've discussed the over-confidence issue, but with a week to prepare against a Browns team that is not bad but is not particularly great, it will be interesting to see how the 49ers come out of the gates.

Coach Harbaugh is always talking about taking things one day at a time, one game at a time, and so forth. Well, when it comes to tests for the rookie coach, consider this the next test on the docket. How will Coach Harbaugh handle it?

I made a slight tweak to the wording of the poll. 1 is worst job possible, 10 is a perfect performance to date. Last week, 53% gave him a 10 and 92% gave him an 8 or better.