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NCAA Football Game Thread: Week 8

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Fooch's Note: Thought I'd move this back to the top as USC-Notre Dame, Stanford-Washington and a few other games get going tonight.

This season is going by far too fast...

As seems the case of every season. College football is unique in that they play less games than the NFL but the season stretches out longer because of bowl season. Hopefully they'll get that rectified someday with some sort of playoff system. I believe those days are getting close and closer.

In any case, we are now in week 8. In looking the schedule over some, it hardly seems like it will feature the most exciting games this year. In fact, a lot of those games have already came and gone as swiftly as dust in the wind.

But there is still a dilemma that has not yet been resolved. The dilemma in that there are still three legit teams in contention for the No. 1 overall spot in the BCS Rankings. And what happens if LSU, Alabama, and Oklahoma all finish their seasons without a loss? Does this push the case for having a playoff system to full throttle? I'd argue that it leaves room for serious discussion and consideration, at least.

With not a ton of five-alarm fire games on the docket, I'd assume most people will be out enjoying the day in their neck of the woods. But for those that are glued to the television for college football each and every Saturday, you can find a list of games I'll preview this week.

For future reference, if you have any games you would like me in a given week, please make the requests in response to any recent comments I leave.


No. 20 Auburn vs. No. 1 LSU

Let's face it... LSU probably has too much fire power for Auburn to keep up with. However, this is college football and just about anything can happen. If Auburn still had Cam Newton, I would like their chances a bit better; but they simply don't. Their defense is still relatively stout but they almost completely rely on the run game.

LSU's defense may be the best in college football right now. I'd feel comfortable saying that they are. They have probably one of the most complete secondaries of a NCAA football team that I have seen in the past decade (or longer). Auburn's offense could have a very tough time passing. With Les Miles probably anticipating that, it's quite possible he will have a gameplan to take away both the run and pass. 

I'm not sure that this game will result in a mountains-worth of points, but it should be close... if not for at least just a little while.

No. 6 Wisconsin vs. No. 16 Michigan State

Russell Wilson has the Badgers playing like the honeybadger...  just not giving a ______! This is the best that I have seen Wisconsin's offense in a while. And their defense is not too shabby as well. Michigan State had their fair share of problems as well starting with the ground game which was relatively solid last year. Getting it going against a team like the Badgers may not be the easiest thing to do.

I look for another big game from Russell Wilson as he tries to slide his way in to the Heisman discussion; no matter how much a long-shot that is. Nick Toon will be right there helping Wilson's campaign out. Toon could very well wind up being a decent NFL player at some point as well. His father Al wasn't too bad...

No. 25 Washington vs. No. 8 Stanford

The chances of the Huskies upsetting Stanford are about as good as the odds of me winning the lottery. But guess what? I may just go buy myself a ticket this weekend.

No but really -- the machine that Harbaugh and Co. built up in Palo Alto continues to roll without a chink it seems. And even though I still believe that Luck is a bit over-hyped, I can see the Cardinal taking this one by a landslide ... but it may not happen until the second half. The Huskies are like a scrappy ol' mutt that just won't quit.... until they're torched at the animal shelter because they just didn't have enough tangibles to get them adopted; that's a bit how I see this game going like.

Andrew Luck throws for 300-plus-yards... a few touchdowns, etc, etc... but hey, wouldn't it be something to see Nick Montana get in the game and light Luck's hind parts up? Wishful thinking... but ya never know, everything else has been going pretty well for the Niners... and the kid is connected. Just sayin'.

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