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Golden Nuggets: Sit Back And Enjoy The Mediocrity

Thanks to Fooch for covering the Nuggets for me yesterday, I wasn't able to get the internet working and had to have him fill in at the last second. Today, we all get to sit back and watch other teams play some hopefully entertaining games, and we get to root for the Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams to embarrass themselves as a result of their woeful inadequacy. Am I being too mean? Maybe, but I don't care. It's the bye week, which to me, means I get to be a fan, and a very arrogant one at that. Sue me. Even if they win today, the NFC West still blows. I'm not even sure how good the 49ers are at this point. Onto the linkage for the day, chillldren!

Coach Jim Harbaugh's 49ers buy into 'the team' (

49ers RB Frank Gore & LB Aldon Smith win weekly NFL awards (

Smith fined $15K for low hit on QB (

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Veteran players wonder why Harbaugh and Schwartz weren't fined (

New titles for Aldon Smith, Frank Gore, John York (

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Being a Sheep

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