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Sunday NFL Open Thread: Tim Tebow Brings The Madness To Miami

The 49ers are on a bye this week, which means we get to kick back today and just enjoy some football with few huge repercussions. There are some significant NFC West matchups to enjoy as the 49ers look to move one step closer to locking up the NFC West. Let's go Browns and Steelers!

For the rest of the morning slate of games, there are not a ton of great matchups, but there are some moderately interesting ones. The Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions is a big game for both teams. Atlanta has struggled a bit this season while Detroit is coming off a tough loss to our 49ers. This is sort of a fork in the road for both teams, with the loser needing to reevaluate where they stand through seven weeks.

The Denver Broncos travel to face the Miami Dolphins face off in Tim Tebow's first start of the season. The highlight is either the battle for the number one draft pick, or just maybe it is the fact that Miami is honoring the 2008 University of Florida national championship team that happened to be led by Tim Tebow. This is an event Miami planned during the offseason and it just so happens to come during Tebow's first start. I'd ask if Miami was trying to #Suck4Luck but it's hard to really tell the difference at this point.

The Chargers and Jets square off in what could be a decent matchup. The Chargers can't stop the run and Shonn Greene has yet to really establish himself in 2011, so something might have to give today. My money is on Greene and the Jets pulling this one out, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If you're curious what games are on in your region, you can either flip back and forth on your tv, or you can check I'll be on the Red Zone channel for much of the day. If this thread gets loaded up before the 1pm games, we'll be back with a new thread. Otherwise, enjoy your Sunday off.