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Sunday Afternoon NFL Open Thread: Cardinals-Steelers, Rams-Cowboys "Highlight" Afternoon Schedule

I say "highlight" very loosely as the Cardinals and Rams are both fairly difficult to watch. The afternoon schedule of game includes Cardinals-Steelers, Rams-Cowboys, Chiefs-Raiders and Packers-Vikings. That is not what you would call a blockbuster series of games, but there is some value to be had in these matchups.

The 49ers of course have divisional implications in Cardinals-Steelers. Arizona is slipping further and further out of contention in the NFC West. That's not to say they would bounce back anytime soon, but a win over Pittsburgh at home would be a huge win for the Cardinals.

The Chiefs and Raiders could end up being a decent game as it involves rivals. While it sounds like Kyle Boller is probably going to start, we could see Carson Palmer get some playing time and Terrelle Pryor might even have some plays packaged together for him.

Other than that this is a pretty rough afternoon of football. Let's just hope it surpasses the ugliness we've seen in Seattle-Cleveland.