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Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Colts-Saints At Least Offers Drew Brees-Led Offense

As the 49ers enjoy their bye week, this has actually turned into a fun day of football. The matchups looked fairly awful on paper, but as we know, football is not played on paper, it's played in our tv sets (TM Kenny Mayne). The best part of the day saw the 49ers gain a half game on the rest of the division as the Seahawks, Cardinals and Rams all lost. The Seahawks deserve special mention for playing in a game that is surely on an eternal loop in hell. The 49ers now lead the Seahawks by three games. Considering the division is seven games into the season, I think that just about sums it up.

Sunday Night Football features the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. Three months ago this looked like a great matchup, but as we have seen, remove Peyton Manning from the equation and it could be a stinker. If the Colts continue on their present run, I honestly think Peyton Manning deserves an MVP vote from somebody. Without stepping foot on the field he proved how valuable he is to this team. I don't think anybody said the MVP of the NFL actually has to play in a game. The Patriots lost Tom Brady but the Patriots still put together an 11-5 season. Even if you think the Colts would have struggled with Manning this year, nobody would predict something this awful with him. MVP in my book!

For those who are believers in the #suckforluck phenomenon, Indianapolis needs a loss tonight to keep pace with the awful Miami Dolphins. Whether it is the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, or just trying to get that number one pick for which ever player goes number one, the heat is one in this battle.

I will say that the Colts have managed to hang around in some recent games, which could make these at least a little bit interesting for now. It is in New Orleans though, so we'll see how long the Colts can hang around.