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Monday Night Football Post Game Thread

Well that was brutal. The Cleveland-Seattle game was worse, but Baltimore-Jacksonville gave it a run for its money. While I generally do not choose to root against Harbaughs, I like seeing the Jaguars pull off the sizable upset. It wasn't pretty, but when you're scuffling like the Jaguars have, wins like that are always beautiful.

This caps off a weekend of football that was pretty hideous for the most part. It was bad enough not having the 49ers this week, but the level of football took things to a whole new level. I don't recall a weekend with such ugly football. It seems fitting that it was capped by a pair of prime time games that featured an epic beatdown on Sunday and a hideous upset on Monday.

The good news now is that 49ers are through the bye and ready to take on the Cleveland Browns. Let's get through this weekend and get Sunday here.