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Golden Nuggets: Into A Game Week The 49ers Go

And we're officially in a game week. Technically, we were in a game week starting yesterday, but I don't really consider it a look ahead until after the Monday Night Football game is played. How about that one though, yeah? The Jaguars defense really impressed me - a lot more than the Ravens offense underwhelmed me. I do have a huge, huge problem with that defenseless receiver call. He wasn't defenseless. If you're going to call that receiver defenseless then you can't throw the slant route anymore. Needs to be outlawed. Such utter crap. Oh yeah - 49ers play the Browns this week. Should be fun. Enjoy the links.

(Note: I'm not sure whether I'm going to stop linking to it or not, but you might see a lack of SFGate/Eric Branch/Kevin Lynch pieces in the coming days. I do not like auto-playing videos, especially when they're unrelated and for advertising pieces. I know you guys don't like them either, and my internet right now is very limited - so it's making my browser freeze. Just a heads up - I'd imagine you can contact them and let them know how you feel if it's an issue.)

49ers Vs. Browns: San Francisco Confident After Bye Week (SB Nation Bay Area)

49ers expecting key injured players to return to practice on Tuesday (

Surprise! 49ers not following script through six games (

Edwards expected back on 49ers' practice field (

Super Mario II? Casserly envisions bright future for Aldon (

Baalke's take from afar on 49ers and NFC West (

Unsung heroes: 49ers defense (

Alex Smith threw often during the bye week (

Harbaugh, 49ers back to work for game with Browns (

Unsung heroes: 49ers offense (

Physical with a Ph.D.: 49ers creatively establishing run (

Leading Off: For 49ers, this season feels much like 1981 (

Practice-squad power: Hastings' contribution to win vs. Lions (

Harbaugh on the Browns: "It's a salty, salty defense." (

Terrell Owens - 49ers have little or no interest (

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