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Frank Gore: 110 Yards From Passing Roger Craig

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Win, lose or draw, this weekend's game could have historical significance for the 49ers. Running back Frank Gore currently has 6,955 yards, which puts him 110 yards from passing Roger Craig (7,064) for second place on the franchise's career rushing yards list. Joe Perry is in first place with 7,344 NFL yards. Perry has 8,689 if you count his seasons before the 49ers joined the NFL. As it stands, Gore could become the 49ers NFL franchise rushing king before the end of this season.

It's a bit difficult to make comparisons to Joe Perry given how the game has changed over the last 50 years. In reality, there is a divide somewhere along the way between the modern era and the earlier era of football. I don't know where that dividing line is, but it's there somewhere. Joe Perry is an all-time great in 49ers and NFL history, but having not been around during Perry's career, it's hard for me to make a comparison. What do some of our older readers think in comparing Gore and Perry

In comparing Frank Gore and Roger Craig, it is an interesting comparison. Gore would appear to be the better pure running back, but Roger Craig remains one of the all-time great receiving backs. Craig was Marshall Faulk and Ladanian Tomlinson long before either of them came around. Frank Gore is a solid receiving back, but I'm not sure he is quite at the level of Roger Craig at this point.

How do you compare the two running backs? Please specify the type of comparison you are making, whether it be as pure rushers, receiving backs, overall, or something else entirely.