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Week 8 NFL TV Distribution Maps: 49ers Vs. Browns

The506_mediumFor those who are unaware, there is a website called that provides a great service. If you head over you can view maps that shade in what games will be playing in what markets. You have a tv guide or your DVR to figure it out as well, but The506 also includes the announcers for each game. It's a handy tool and a site worth checking every Tuesday or Wednesday for updates. Thanks to Dawgs By Nature for the graphic.

Every week there are at least a couple comments of folks asking if the 49ers are playing in their neck of the woods. Edggy has done a great job posting the maps in the FanShots, but I figure I'll also include a front page post each week as well to remind people.

This week's game is limited to Northern California, northwest Nevada and southern Oregon. After the jump I've posted the 49ers Radio Network. If you are unable to tune in on your own radio, one option is to find one of the sites online on Sunday and stream the audio that way. We can't have people posting illegal online video streams in this thread, so please don't post any of that in the comments of this thread.


KNBR 680 AM San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, CA
KNBR 1050 AM San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, CA
KSAN 107.7 FM San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, CA
KTHU 100.7 FM Chico
KATA 1340 AM Eureka, CA
KNCO 830 AM Grass Valley, CA
KEZK 730 AM Medford, OR
KMFB 96.7 FM Mendocino, CA
KESP 970 AM Modesto
KPRL 1230 AM Paso Robles, CA
KJFK 1230 AM Reno
KCTC 1320 AM Sacramento
KKJL 1400 AM San Luis Obispo
KION 1460 AM Salinas
KUIK 1360 AM Hillsboro/Portland, OR
KJDX 93.3 FM Susanville
KPUA 670 AM Hilo
KRKC 1490 AM King City
KBLF 1490 AM Red Bluff
KFIG 1430 AM Fresno
KKXS 96.1 FM Redding, CA