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49ers Upcoming Free Agents: Who's The Next Man Up?

The San Francisco 49ers football operations department has done an excellent job in recent years of signing players to contract extensions as they were approaching free agency. They have made their plays for free agents, but they have often made the longer offers to current 49ers.

Matt Maiocco put together a helpful breakdown of the 49ers impending free agents across the entire roster. The 49ers have a host of free agents after this season due to all the one year contracts signed this past offseason. Additionally, a variety of long term deals are coming up for free agency. Among others following 2011, this includes Ahmad Brooks, Dashon Goldson, Ted Ginn, Carlos Rogers, Braylon Edwards, Adam Snyder, and of course Alex Smith.

This is not close to the entire list of impending free agents, but just a short list of key free agents. How do the 49ers handle this coming offseason with so many players coming up for new contracts? This is far and away the toughest year based on the current deals, so Trent Baalke and company will have their work cut out for them.

Are there any particularly players you would be prepared to let walk this coming offseason, much like we saw in July and August this year?