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49ers Practice Music: Quasi Caption This

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We don't have a Caption This contest for the week, but we may have another opportunity to get a bit creative. The 49ers mix in all sorts of different music for their practices and today it looks like they have some Bon Jovi and MC Hammer playing. As Matt Barrows tweeted out, there is a great joke somewhere in there.

MC Hammer is becoming a bit of a 49ers regular. He managed to somehow help the 49ers close the deal with Michael Crabtree his rookie season. This past week, Hammer was at the 49ers facility talking to rookies. I'm guessing that given his own financial issues when he was an up and coming start, he has plenty of advice to give to young athletes.

If you need help coming up with some humor, I embedded the music videos for each song after the jump. Really I think the joke writes itself with the videos, but I know we have some creative types here at Niners Nation.

Niners warming up to the tune of Bon Jovi (Living on a Prayer) and MC Hammer (U Can't Touch This) There's an awesome joke here somewhere.
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