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Golden Nuggets: Aldon Smith Vs. Joe Thomas Is What I'm Looking Forward To

Good morning, chilllldren. How about that World Series, eh? As a San Francisco Giants fan, I suppose it's now time that I sit back and stop celebrating their recent World Series victory. They're no longer defending champions, but I suppose that was the case when they failed to make the playoffs. We're now a day away from the game against the Cleveland Browns and I really can't wait. I'm excited. Stupid excited. Partly because I'm going to be cooking some rollers tomorrow before the game at the tailgate ... rollers are basically shrimp, chicken, kielbasa, bacon and maybe another kind of meat or two rolled up, covered in different sauces (one of them teryaki) and then held together by two or three toothpicks. They are amazing. Come by and get one if you're going to the game. Onto the links.

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49ers to face shorthanded Cleveland Browns offense  (

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San Francisco 49ers' Ted Ginn Jr. followed his father's path (

Madden 12 Roster Updates: Moran Norris Decreases On Bye Week, Carlos Rogers Goes Up (SB Nation Bay Area)

49ers-Browns Matchups to watch (

Urban Meyer talks Alex Smith, Harbaugh and the QB's recent success (

Harbaugh: "It's always in the eyes, cheerful and undefeated, cold and restless." (

Harbaugh: Drawing inspiration from baseball's Cardinals (

NFL Picks, Week 8: which team(s) will go 0-16? (

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Hunter's Blog: Mid-Season Form (

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