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Fantasy Football Week 8: Braylon Edwards And Delanie Walker Call To You

The 49ers and Browns square off tomorrow and as the 49ers come off their bye week, they are in a position of being close to 100% healthy. Among their fantasy football performers, Braylon Edwards is the only one who is still a bit of a question mark. As the 49ers head into what some might consider the second half of the season (ten games, but still), they are getting back to completely healthy, which is key.

As you consider fantasy options moving forward, the 49ers continue to have intriguing options. Braylon Edwards is a big question mark as he tries to get healthy, but there is something a little bit intriguing about him. I don't know if he'll become more than an occasional deep threat, but I've got to think some folks are going to grab him.

On a similar note, I still think Delanie Walker is a guy people should be grabbing where possible. At the very least he is an intriguing bye week fill-in. I grabbed him two weeks ago and he snagged the big touchdown. He did not have huge numbers against the Lions, but he stepped up when it mattered. While he is focusing quite a bit on blocking, his performance in that aspect allows the 49ers to go with two tight end sets. That gets Walker on the field all the more, which means a chance for more targets week in and week out.

As we approach the end of the first half of the 2011 NFL season, how many 49ers players/defensive units do you have on your fantasy roster? The 49ers defense alone is one of the top fantasy defenses out there. I am in two money leagues and in both leagues I grabbed the 49ers defense in the draft.

For fantasy football folks out there, do you draft many 49ers or do you avoid them where possible?