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49ers Vs. Browns: Coming Off The Bye Week

As the San Francisco 49ers prepare for tomorrow's game against the Cleveland Browns, one topic we haven't discussed much is the fact that the 49ers are coming off the bye week. I have seen some scattered discussion around the Internet about whether teams do well or poorly coming out of the bye. I think the issue has been raised in part because teams are 3-9 coming off bye weeks this season.

I took a look back at the last two seasons and came up with these numbers: In 2010, teams were 20-12 coming out of their bye week. In 2009, teams were 16-16 coming out of their bye week. Dating back to the 2000 season, the 49ers are 4-7 coming out of the bye. Last year's win over St. Louis snapped a six game post-bye losing streak. Of course, it should also be noted that the 49ers played all six games on the road. Three of those 49ers four post-bye victories were home games.

What does that all mean? Without doing any sort of serious statistical analysis, my gut says it doesn't mean much. I could be very wrong, but that's just my thought. As for this particular 49ers team, I am cautiously optimistic that the bye week gives a strong 49ers coaching staff even more of an advantage for this matchup. I suppose the coaching staff could over-think things, but for the most part I feel good about what the bye week could mean.

Anybody think there is reason to be pessimistic coming out of a bye week in general? If you have done more research on the subject, feel free to link to whatever might be pertinent.