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Help C.J. Spillman Figure Out What Anthony Dixon Is Going To Be For Halloween

It seems like every other post I do lately is about something or other a player said on Twitter. Whether it be Chris Culliver showing how fans shouldn't be using Twitter, or Chris Culliver showing just how players shouldn't be using Twitter, it's been somewhat negative of late. So it's good that I get to focus on something pretty fun, and I figure I'd post it here instead of SB Nation Bay Area, since you good folks might be able to come up with some humorous ideas. Spillman tweeted, soliciting suggestions about what Anthony Dixon should be for Halloween.

What does everyone think @Boobie24Dixon should be for Halloween? Ideas he need some help getting a costume!
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One person that Spillman responded to suggested Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction, and I'm hard-pressed to think of something that tops that. He might want to avoid the gun that the person suggests he carry, though. Just probably a smart idea altogether. Outside of a few hilarious choices that come to mind (which I'm not going to state), I personally am coming up dry.

I'm sure you folks can do better than that, though. You've only let me down like fifteen or twenty times before, what are the chances of it happening again?