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NFL Week Eight Morning Thread

The 49ers are not playing until 1:15pm PT, which leaves us with a morning slate of games to kick back and try and relax for a bit. The NFC West is in action as Arizona travels to Baltimore, although I remain convinced that could get really ugly really quickly. The Cardinals season has turned into a disaster and I don't see it letting up in the near future.

The Rams are also in action hosting the New Orleans Saints. If the Rams want to keep this game close, I'd imagine they'll need a monster effort from Steven Jackson. My fantasy roster agrees with that assessment.

The rest of the schedule is not particularly great. The best matchup of the morning is probably Minnesota at Carolina. Cam Newton is a highly entertaining playmaker and the Vikings might very well have a bit of new life behind Christian Ponder. It's entirely possible Ponder lays an egg this week, but until that happens, we can always hope for a quality game.

Other than that, you're looking at the likes of Jacksonville-Houston, Miami-NY Giants and Colts-Titans. That is not a pretty picture in my estimation. I'll have my tv on the Red Zone channel hoping for some excitement. But in reality, it's all just an appetizer before the main course at 1:15.

This will serve as our morning games open thread. We'll be back with 49ers and Browns inactives around lunch time