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49ers Vs. Browns: Joe Staley Gets First Career Reception, 49ers Leading 10-0

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After getting outscored 23-7 in the first quarter of their first six games, the 49ers jumped out to a solid start on the Browns, taking a 10-0 lead through the first quarter. The 49ers forced a Colt McCoy fumble on the first drive of the game as Ahmad Brooks grabbed a sack after losing his helmet on the play. Frank Gore rushed in for a touchdown to take full advantage of the turnover.

The highlight of the game thus far might in fact be offensive tackle Joe Staley entering the game as an eligible receiver and making his first career reception. The 49ers had him on the left end of the line and ran a play action fake that left him wide open to grab the first down. They only managed a field goal on the drive, but ten points are ten points.

Head after the jump to check out video of Staley's reception.


Joe Staley Reception