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2012 NFL Draft Prep: College Football Week Five, Part One

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Fooch's Note: No matter how well the 49ers are performing, we'll continue with these posts to help prepare 49ers fans for the 2012 NFL Draft.

After missing a week last year due to time constraints, we are back this week to take a look at some college football prospects that had good weeks and may be good fits on the 49ers roster for next week.

Of course it is nearly impossible at this point in the year to tell what the 49ers will be looking to draft next year in the first round, or any other round for that matter. Moving forward things could change and change a lot. Injuries, good players playing bad, bad players playing good, are all things that could change perspective and views on what next years team will need.

College football happens to be one of the most exciting and unpredictable sporting events out there. There is some predictability but usually when you see two closely matched teams play, the outcome is always the flip of a coin in what the results will be.

Join after the jump to see who makes the list this week.

Greg Gatson | Cornerback | Arkansas | 5'11", 185 LBS:

Gatson made a great play on a Ryan Tannehill pass this past weekend and has shown great instinct in getting to passes to break them up up to this point. Gatson definitely put himself on my radar against Texas A&M. Movong forward, this senior cornerback could wind up boosting his stock if he continues to play the way he did Saturday for the rest of the year.

Bacarri Rambo | Safety | Georgia | 6'1", 218 LBS:

Rambo is not only a cool name for a football player, but it sounds lethal as well. And his play certainly matches his name. Rambo can lay the opposition out with big time hits and he has good instinct to pick the ball off. He already has 4 interceptions on the year. By seasons end, he could have the most interceptions out of any other safety in college football.

Michael Floyd | Wide Receiver | Notre Dame | 6'3", 224 LBS:

We don't know what the status of Braylon Edwards will be next year. Most, if not all of us, hope that Edwards is a Niner again next season. And for seasons beyond that as well. But if not, I think it could prove to be wise to draft another dynamic player to go along side Michael Crabtree. However, I am still riding high in Kyle Williams. I think he could be a player in the future to emerge. But Floyd could wind up being a very good, if not great NFL wide receiver.

Jared Crick | Defensive Tackle | Nebraska | 6'6", 290 LBS:

We all just saw Justin Smith go bananas this past Sunday but he is not getting any younger. Drafting his eventual successor sooner rather than later could be the way to go. But then again, there is the Demarcus Dobbs X-factor. But if Justin Smith had a mini-me version of himself, Jared Crick would be that guy. In any case, it's not out of the realm of possibility that Crick goes under the radar and somehow, someway slides enough for the Niners to pick him up.


If you have any players that you saw this past weekend that you'd like to include, please do so in the comments section. Thanks for reading!