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Getting 49ers vs. Buccaneers Tickets

With the 49ers starting to play well again, ticket demand is going back up. I'd imagine it's still not crazy yet, but a few more wins could make it all the more interesting. SB Nation continues its current deal with TiqIQ. If you're looking for tickets for Sunday's game, they provide a variety of options to help you maximize the return on your buck.

They've developed a feature that operates sort of like Priceline in naming your own. Maybe William Shatner is a 49ers fan! But seriously, given that many of us are on a bit of a budget these days, consider this just one more option to potentially find a nice deal on some decent seats. Head over to TiqIQ to, as they put it, "pick your price":

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer them. Aside from this, if you're attending the game on Sunday and haven' t been to Candlestick before, everybody who has attended games there can help answer questions about the stadium on game day.