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Week 5 NFL Picks

Dylan wanted to put some picks together but had some computer issues so I'm posting his picks this morning. There are some tough games to call this week both due to quality opponent versus quality opponent and also some pretty awful matchups (see KC vs. Indy). On to Dylan's post.

Hey Niners Nation Faithful, this is my first weekly "pick em'" for the NFL's Week 5 games. This has been an exciting season already, especially for 49ers fans. But without further adieu, my week 5 picks:

Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills
The Buffalo Bills are a tough team right now, so if the Eagles come away with a win, it won't be easy. They've been struggling but I like them to get over that hump this week on the road against a tough opponent.

Pick: Philadelphia

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers
I'd pick Drew Brees if I could but since I can't, I'll take the team he plays for. New Orleans is still a powerhous and will be as long as the Payton-Brees relationship is sustained in NOLA. Cam Newton has shown he can put points on the board but in a shooting match with Brees and the Saints, I believe he'll come up short.

Pick: New Orleans

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans
The Andre Johnson-less Texans will take on the Oakland Raiders in week 5 but I still like the Texans to come out ahead in this one. The Raiders who just lost owner Al Davis will no doubt be playing hard, but the Texans are on a mission right now. With Johnson sidelined for 3+ weeks, they need to get the wins against softer opponents.

Pick: Houston

Kansas City Cheifs @ Indianapolis Colts
The Curtis Painter led Indianapolis Colts almost came away with their first win against a very tough Tampa Bay team in week 4. The Colts offense generated points by tailoring it to what Painter can do. Kansas City poses really no threat to score a ton of points as they don't seem to be the same team they were last year. I like Indy to get their first and perhaps only win this season in week 5.

Pick: Indianapolis

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars
The Jacksonville Jaguars are slowly becoming the new "Buffalo Bills" or "Detroit Lions" of the NFL right now. And by that I mean they are falling into a black hole of bad performances that looks to last some time. I think the Dalton-Green connection is too much for Jacksonville to handle and Cincy comes away with a win.

Pick: Cincinnati

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings
This should be the week that Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier realizes this is Adrian Peterson's team and not Donovan McNabb's. I think Peterson has a monster day against an Arizona team that is yet to get it going since Kurt Warner retired. If Minnesota plays tough, physical football, I believe they get a win against a weak opponent at home.

Pick: Minnesota

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants
Seattle is awful...just...awful.

Pick: New York

Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers
First off: Does anyone else appreciate the irony that linebacker James Harrison, who is notorious for leading with his head, fractured his face? Poetic justice maybe? I thought it was hilarious too. Regardless, I think this is the first week Tennessee starts to hurt from not having dynamic receiver Kenny Britt. I like the Mike Tomlin-coached team to bounce back and get a win here against a surprising Titans team.

Pick: Pittsburgh

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers
This was one of the more difficult games to pick in week 5. The teams are pretty similar in that they are young, hungry, talented and both 3-1. However, San Fran is hot off hard fought back to back road wins and the Bucs just snuck away with a win against a fairly weak Indianapolis team. I think Niners coach Jim Harbaugh gameplans a third win in a row for San Francisco before they go back on the road to face Detroit.

Pick: San Francisco

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos
It's mid-October, time for the San Diego Chargers to start collecting W's. The Broncos are a mess, struggling to find solidity at any position really. I think Phillip Rivers finds his groove against their division rival and come away with a win.

Pick: San Diego

New York Jets @ New England Patriots
I'm taking Tom Brady on this one. The Jets are not who we thought they were. They seem to depend on dumb luck to come away with wins and it won't be enough against a New England Patriot team looking for revenge after last years playoff loss.

Pick: New England

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons (Sunday Night Football)
The Green Bay Packers are unstoppable until Aaron Rodgers says so. I really wouldn't be shocked if they went undefeated because this team can't be outscored. And if you can't be outscored, you can't lose games. Atlanta
has the pieces to take down Green Bay, but I don't think it happens -- no matter how good they are at home.

Pick: Green Bay

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions (Monday Night Football)
I think this match comes down to how bad Jay Cutler is. He made it public that the hits really shake him up and the Lions have one of the top hitters in the league in defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh. I think the Lions are for real and the Bears do not have the secondary to stop Calvin Johnson.

Pick: Detroit

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