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49ers vs. Bucs: Alex Smith-To-Delanie Walker, Carlos Rogers Pick-6 The Difference

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The 49ers are off to a strong start, leading the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14-3 early in the second quarter. Alex Smith got off to a fantastic start in the first quarter, capping his opening drive with a beautiful touchdown pass to Delanie Walker. It was a seam route we often see from Vernon Davis, but Walker pulled it off just as well himself.

The Bucs moved down the field with relative on their next drive, but as has become the norm, the 49ers defense stiffened up in the red zone and held the Bucs to a field goal, cutting the lead to 7-3. Things seemed to take a turn for the worse on the next 49ers drive as Frank Gore coughed up the ball deep in Bucs territory. The 49ers were moving the ball with ease and then Gore just coughed it. Fortunately, Carlos Rogers saved the day once again with a pick-six to give the 49ers a 14-3 lead. When the 49ers signed Carlos Rogers, one of the common talking points was his bad hands. So much for that.

The 49ers have just forced a second interception as Chris Culliver got his first career interception. The 49ers need to go for the throat!