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49ers vs. Buccaneers: West Coast Killers? More Like West Coast Road Kill

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_buccaneers_icon_medium

Credit to @eric_branch for coming up with that one.

There is still a quarter of football to be played, but I don't think you'd be criticized for thinking the Bucs have given up in this second half. They are getting called for stupid penalties that have kept the 49ers drives alive in the second half, whether it be a personal foul or Raheem Morris getting an unsportsmanlike conduct.

Meanwhile, the 49ers added another 17 points to their halftime lead and now lead 41-3 early in the fourth quarter. There is still almost an entire quarter to play but the 49ers are looking real solid at this point. This is an absolute butt-whuppin. I know there's a quarter of action, but can people post some suggestions for post-game victory song? Need something to add to the recap thread beyond just some facts and figures! This is too much fun to watch.