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Joshua Morgan Injury Update: CSN Sources Indicate Fractured Ankle

The 49ers dominant victory was overshadowed a bit by an injury to Josh Morgan near the end of the game. Matt Maiocco is reporting a source told CSN Bay Area that Morgan suffered a fractured ankle in the 48-3 victory. The 49ers have not confirmed the information and I would suspect we won't hear much from the coaching staff about the injury.

Morgan caught a pass from Colin Kaepernick and was heading towards the endzone when he was caught from behind and brought down awkwardly on the ankle. The one bit of good news (if you can call it that) is that apparently there is no MRI scheduled, which I believe would rule out additional ligament damage.

While this is bad news for the 49ers receiving corps, it simply means the team must continue its credo of Next Man Up. Ted Ginn Jr. and Kyle Williams will likely both get more opportunities this coming week against Detroit. Braylon Edwards conceivably might be able to return this week, but I would be surprised if that were the case. If he is not close to 100% for Detroit, I'd rather have him sit one more game as opposed to risking a lengthier injury. This is even more important given Morgan's potentially serious injury.

I'm not sure how long an absence this would be for Morgan. Dez Bryant fractured an ankle last year in December and was finished for the season, but that's just one of many possible scenarios. The recovery time really does depend on the severity of the injury. Given the 49ers choice to not release a lot of injury information, it may take a day or two to figure out exactly how long Morgan is out. We'll have more as further information comes available.