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49ers Vs. Giants: Does Bulletin Board Material Matter?

I've always wondered how much bulletin board material impacts players and if it can pump them up to a new level of performance. Bulletin board material has apparently entered the 49ers-Giants game, although I wouldn't really call it the most hardcore of bulletin board material.

Earlier this week, Giants defensive end Justin Tuck made some comments about 49ers QB Alex Smith in which he said he thought the 49ers were asking Smith not to lose the game. I disagree with that assessment of Smith, but at the same time I don't think it is really the biggest surprising that opposing players would think that.

The 49ers have asked Smith to step up at times, whether it be the second half against the Philadelphia Eagles and the game-winning drive against the Detroit Lions. However, beyond that, the 49ers power rushing attack and dominant defense have been the keys to victory thus far.

It has been hard to describe Smith's role at times given how the offense has operated, so I don't know if I'd be prepared to call Justin Tuck's comment bulletin board material, so much as a misunderstanding that is not all that surprising.

Coach Harbaugh was asked about it and didn't have much to add:

Giants DE Justin Tuck provided some bulletin board material, as a coach do you have people going through files and looking for stuff to use and bring it to the team?

"I'm not aware of anything that Justin Tuck said. I don't know anything about it." 

Bulletin board material in general, is that a big deal to you?

"I'm sure I'll check it out."

Some clown in the New York Post had his own thoughts on Alex Smith and naturally went towards the extreme. His intro:

When the topic of 49ers quarterback Alex Smith is brought up you hear some common catch phrases from almost everyone you speak to.

You hear about how he "manages'' the game, how "efficient'' he is and how he's "not asked to do too much.''

You know what those things mean in football speak?

They mean Alex Smith cannot beat you.

As long as the 49ers get a win over the Giants, I'll be happy. It would be nice to see Alex Smith shut some folks up but the 49ers will not stray from their current formula for success if they think that is the best gameplan against the Giants. People like this are going to keep doubting Alex Smith and the 49ers as long as they keep going against the grain away from high powered passing. They can keep on doubting as the 49ers keep on adding to the W total.