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Week 10 NFL Picks: Oh Yeah, Thursday Night Football Is Here

Not the prettiest week for Dylan and I. We both went 8-6. As the season goes on, it's supposed to get easier, since the good teams prove their worth and the bad teams...well they don't. Speaking of that, it's time to rant on the Chargers. I hate them. I hate picking their games. I'll admit I'm still very bitter about them taking Norv Turner from us back in 2006. I'll also admit that I love seeing them lose four straight games. 

Alex Smith and Turner got along. Smith was starting to show promise. So were the Chargers. They went 14-2 during the regular season but again faltered in the playoffs. They decided the best way to go would be to screw the 49ers out of offensive continuity and fire a coach that couldn't get it done in the playoffs and hire a coach coach who can't get it done in the regular season. Thanks Chargers. I guess it all worked out in the end, but still.

Rant = over. Here are our picks and an overview of our performance so far this year.

Derek's Record Last Week: 8-6
Derek's Overall Record: 89-39
Dylan's Record Last Week: 8-6
Dylan's Overall Record: 31-21

Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers

Derek: Unlike Dylan, I wasn't smart enough to remember this was a Thursday night game. So I didn't make a pick for this game. That being said, I would have gone with the Chargers if I'm honest.

Winner: Chargers

Dylan: Oakland will be without star running back Darren McFadden, relying on Michael Bush to get things going on the ground. Carson Palmer is still adjusting and Phillip Rivers needs to lead his Chargers to a win badly.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Derek: This should be a pretty good game. Matt Ryan is historically very good at home. Note: I use that reasoning for every Falcons home game. Pure laziness on my part. I think the Saints take this game. I'm just not a believer in the Falcons at this point in the season. Ryan hasn't Phillip Rivers'd or anything, but he's taken a step back this season.

Winner: Saints

Dylan: Atlanta is very good at home, but I like Drew Brees and the Saints. The Falcons have been have some major offensive plays this year and the Saints have a weak defense, but I think Who Dat nation can get it done on the road.

Winner: Saints

Tennessee Titans @ Carolina Panthers

Derek: The Panthers are one of the most exciting 2-6 teams you will see. Cam Newton has been fantastic, but their defense isn't very good. The Titans defense is pretty good and I think they can put up points against the Panthers porous defense.

Winner: Titans

Dylan: Chris Johnson hasn’t been the player we saw last year or the year he ran for 2,000 yards, and there has even been talk of giving Javon Ringer the go ahead to start. Meanwhile, Cam Newton has been doing incredible things in Carolina in his first year. I think they use their home field advantage and get a win against a beatable team.

Winner: Panthers

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals

Derek: The Bengals have been a nice surprise team this year, but they haven't played a team as balanced and as talented as the Steelers are. Yes, they are banged up on defense, but Ben Roethlisberger has been great this year and the Steelers should be able to outscore the Bengals.

Winner: Steelers

Dylan: The Steelers are just coming off being swept by the Baltimore Ravens, and really need a win to stay in this competitive division. The Bengals are no slouch either but the Steelers are an experienced team who should expose their weaknesses and limit their strengths.

Winner: Steelers

St. Louis Rams @ Cleveland Browns

Derek: This is a tough game to pick. The Rams have been able to run the ball the past few weeks and the Browns offense is horrific. Colt McCoy has struggled to make big plays and hasn't even been accurate with the short passes he throws. The Browns have looked so bad as of late I just can't pick them to win. I'll be honest, this was horrible analysis. But this is going to be a horrible game and I just can't be bothered to care. This video really sums it up.

Winner: Rams

Dylan: I believe this game could go either way but I think the Rams have a better chance to win. If they can get Steven Jackson going, it should be theirs for the taking.

Winner: Rams

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys

Derek: Both teams need to win, but I don't trust either of these teams. I couldn't tell you why, but I'm going to go with the Cowboys. Miles Austin is out, but he was just distracting Romo from his true man-love, Jason Witten. Plus DeMarco Murray has been awesome.

Winner: Cowboys

Dylan: The Bills have cooled off a little bit since their hot start to this season. I think they get some of that fire back on the road against the Cowboys. Dallas has been struggling and with Miles Austin now out, the Bills could get a big win in week 10.

Winner: Bills

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts

Derek: Blaine Gabbert vs. Curtis Painter. Kill me. This game will resemble this music video.

Winner: Jaguars

Dylan: The Indianapolis Colts are an embarrassment to professional football. Still can’t win.

Winner: Jaguars

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs

Derek: The Chiefs have a much better run defense than the Raiders. I don't think Willis McGahee is going to go for 160 against them. Tim Tebow's read-option is on tape for all to see, and I think the Chiefs come prepared to stop it. Let the gimmick that is Tebow end.

Winner: Chiefs

Dylan: The Chiefs just gave the Miami Dolphins their first win of the 2011 season, I think they want to bounce back after that. If Kansas City loses to the previously winless Miami Dolphins and the Tim Tebow-led Broncos, they should be disregarded as a competitor in the AFC West.

Winner: Chiefs

Washington Redskins @ Miami Dolphins

Derek: Miami is the real deal. They beat the Chiefs by 28 points. Let the momentum keep going. John Beck is awful. The Redskins offense can't make big plays with him at quarterback. Also, Reggie Bush averages like 95 yards rushing when I start him in fantasy football. I'm starting him, so that's a guaranteed 95+ from Reggie.

Winner: Dolphins

Dylan: The Redskins defense kept them in for most of the game against San Francisco last week, and I believe their defense is good enough to smash Miami. The Dolphins should hope to keep losing (#Luck) because this season is over.

Winner: Redskins

Arizona Cardinals @ Philadelphia Eagles

Derek: Say what you want about the Eagles this year, but they robbed the Cardinals blind in that Kevin Kolb trade. To make matters worse, Kolb's agent did the same thing when they negotiated his new contract.

Winner: Eagles

Dylan: The Philadelphia Eagles should be able to outmatch whatever Arizona brings to the table this weekend. Patrick Peterson has been a dynamic playmaker for them at times but the Eagles have weapons all over the field. Also, the Eagles can’t lose them all.

Winner: Eagles

Houston Texans @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Derek: Andre Johnson is out again, but the Texans have fared quite well without him. The Bucs are as inconsistent as their quarterback this season. Ben Tate and Arian Foster may be the best running back tandem in the league right now. I'll take the Texans.

Winner: Texans

Dylan: I am surprised that the Texans have still been this competitive without Mario Williams and Andre Johnson, easily the teams two best players on both sides of the ball. I think Houston can get it done on the road against a Tampa Bay team that has been struggling.

Winner: Texans

Baltimore Ravens @ Seattle Seahawks

Derek: Good luck Tarvaris Jackson. Good luck.

Winner: Ravens

Dylan: The Ravens are on fire right now. They are a very talented, disciplined team that can do just about everything and doesn’t have a whole lot of weaknesses. I’d be surprised if Seattle put up a fight against them.

Winner: Ravens

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears

Derek: The Bears offensive line against the Lions defensive line isn't the greatest of matchups if you name is Jay Cutler. He's actually been pretty good this season, but for every "wow" throw he makes, he makes a "what are you doing" throw. This should be one of the better games of the weekend.

Winner: Lions

Dylan: The Bears played well against the Eagles in week 9 but I think Detroit matches up well against them. I would expect a big game from Calvin Johnson because he poses such match-up problems for the Bears’ system and personnel. I like what the Lions can do defensively too.

Winner: Lions

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

Derek: The key for the Niners is to get pressure on Eli Manning without sending more than four guys. If they give him too much time, Manning will pick apart the 49ers secondary. I like the 49ers chances against the Giants offensive line. If the 49ers can continue to open up holes for Frank Gore and play mistake-free football, they should win this game.

Winner: 49ers

Dylan: The Giants are hot off a win, beating New England in dramatic fashion last week. But the 49ers have won 6 straight and know this is a big game with possible playoff implications. With NYG at 6-2 and SF at 7-1, the Niners need to win to stay on top or else they’ll be tied. 49ers defense gets it done.

Winner: 49ers

New England Patriots @ New York Jets

Derek: I can't stand Rex Ryan, and since he can't stand losing to Tom Brady, I'll pick the Patriots. The Patriots defense isn't great by any means, but neither is Mark Sanchez.

Winner: Patriots

Dylan: Patriots are going on the road to face perhaps their biggest rival in the New York Jets. Even though New England has lost two straight, I can’t imagine three straight losses for them.

Winner: Patriots

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers

Derek: To me, Aaron Rogers the last two months is playing better than any quarterback in NFL history has played. He's incredible. In the pocket, on the run, short passes, deep passes, the guy can do it all. Blitz him, he'll beat you. Play coverage, he'll pick you apart. The best a defense can hope for is Rodgers running for two or three yards after he can't find anyone open. I love Aaron Rodgers.

Winner: Packers

Dylan: Aaron Rodgers will outscore Minnesota.

Winner: Packers