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Frank Gore Ankle Injury: An Excuse For More Kendall Hunter?

49ers running back Frank Gore was listed as probable on yesterday's final injury report and it would seem likely that all is well for Sunday's game. However, is it possible we might see Greg Roman and Jim Harbaugh unleash Kendall Hunter a bit more than normal? Hunter got eight carries last week against the Redskins, which followed a week eight performance in which he only had three carries. Prior to that he had eight or nine carries in each of the previous five games.

The New York Giants have a fairly solid defense, but they have struggled a bit in defending passes to the running back. Maybe they bring in Hunter just a bit more in the passing game? The 49ers still mix Gore into the passing game a bit, but not nearly as much as in season's past. Hunter has shown an ability to make big plays as a receiver out of the backfield, while also providing solid blocking to justify keeping him back there.

One thing I've wanted to see more of is Gore and Hunter in the same backfield. I enjoy having Bruce Miller out there, but I think there is something to be gained from more of Gore and Hunter in two back sets. I don't recall seeing a whole lot of that at this point, although it is also possible I might have overlooked it in recent weeks. Given the dynamic skills of both backs, why not mix it in a bit more frequently?