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49ers Vs. Giants: Exchange Of Field Goals And 'Elite' Quarterbacks

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The 49ers and Giants are through the first quarter and it has been all about time of possession. The Giants got the ball back for a play at the end of the quarter, but for the most part, the teams each ran a single drive that ended with a field goal. The Giants went 75 yards on 14 plays over 8:33, while the 49ers went 62 yards on 12 plays over 6:02. The 49ers had a shot at recovering a red zone fumble, but the refs ruled Victor Cruz's forward progress had been stopped before the fumble. Such is life.

The 49ers defense needs to step up again this second drive. Brandon Jacobs and his offensive line are getting some push, so let's hope the defense can clamp down. The 49ers offense got off to a solid start as Alex Smith was firing BBs all over the field. Unfortunately, the drive stalled out, leaving us with a 3-3 ballgame.