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49ers Vs. Giants: Time To Get Some Points On The Board

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_giants_icon_medium

The 49ers are coming out for the third quarter leading the Giants 9-6 after an entertaining and quick first half. The 49ers should probably be up at least 12-6 but unfortunately Ted Ginn dropped an easy pass from Alex Smith. It bounced off his hands (and I think helmet) and Corey Webster got the easy interception. Thankfully the 49ers defense forced a quick end to that drive and took the lead into the half.

The 49ers open the second half with the ball, so suffice to say, a touchdown would be nice. Both teams have bogged down in the red zone and it is almost looking like the first team to get seven could pull this one out. The 49ers defense is getting a decent amount of rest at this point, which is huge. While they have held the Giants to two field goals, long drives can tire a team out and open things up later. Let's hope for a nice, long sustained 49ers drive to open the second half.