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49ers Vs. Giants: Gonna Need More Than David Akers

49ers_logo_medium vs. Th_giants_icon_medium

The 49ers enter the fourth quarter trailing as the New York Giants managed the first touchdown of the game. The 49ers secondary has made some plays at times, but for the most part Eli is having his way with the 49ers defense from 20 to 20. The Giants have now converted in the red zone and lead 13-12. The 49ers had to punt away late in the quarter but forced a three and out. A bad Weatherford punt set up the 49ers at the 50-yard line and a six yard gain by Kendall Hunter has the 49ers at the Giants 44.

Any points would be nice at this point, but 49ers need to start punching in some touchdowns sooner rather than later. I just don't know if they have enough to win entirely on the leg of David Akers. Of course, who am I to doubt Akers?