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49ers Vs. Giants: I Need A Stiff Drink And A Cigarette After That One

Wow. Just wow. My hands are still shaking a little bit right now. I need some time to process this one. I might actually need to take a shot to settle down after that one. The entire game was entertaining, but it was amazing how different the two halves were. The first half was an exchange of field goals, the second half was an exchange of touchdowns. Nonetheless, you could make the argument this was the kind of shootout people had said Alex Smith couldn't win.

If you don't view this as a "shootout" so be it, but this really did strike me as a shootout without as many points. We had a lot of passing yards and both teams moving up and down the field virtually at will at times. They were stalling out in the red zone early on, but eventually figured out ways to get the touchdowns. The 49ers hung with them and their defense held on at the end.

That final Giants drive was something else. They convert a pair of 4th downs and then Justin Smith gets the monster pass deflection on the third fourth down attempt to basically clinch the victory. Talk about a heart-pounding finish. That was simply ridiculous. I need a few minutes to better comprehend what we just witnessed. And given that it has led us into victory since back in the Detroit game, we're back again with Muse.

They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious