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49ers Vs. Giants: Rockin' The Stick

One of the best parts of Sunday's game had to be the fact that the place was going crazy as fans were able to witness a highly entertaining game. The 49ers strong start has fans flocking back to Candlestick Park in droves. The team has always "sold out" games to avoid blackouts, but only recently have those sell-outs included full butts in the seats for multiple games in a row.

Week two, the 49ers had a packed house against the Dallas Cowboys, but unfortunately upwards of 40% of the crowd were Cowboys fans who loaded up on tickets. 49ers fans were unloading them like crazy via sites like StubHub and Cowboys fans were only too happy to lock them up. It was rather embarrassing to have a home game against the Cowboys turn into a road atmosphere.

Thankfully, that is starting to change as the 49ers continue rolling off wins. The Pittsburgh Steelers Monday Night Football game should be crazy, but more importantly, I can only begin to imagine the atmosphere of a playoff game. The 49ers are currently in control of the second seed, with a game and a half lead over the Saints. I don't know if they'll be able to secure the number one overall seed since Green Bay is looking to go undefeated, but you never know. 49ers-Saints and/or 49ers-Packers at Candlestick would be a pretty crazy environment.

Hey I'll tell you something. In my few years of being in the bay I have never seen candlestick rocking like it was today #NINERFAITHFUL
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