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49ers Vs. Cardinals Odds: The Challenge Of Complacency

We'll have plenty more about the 49ers huge win over the New York Giants, but as soon as the final whistle sounded on the win yesterday, my first thought (once my heart stopped pounding so hard) was the Arizona Cardinals. The 49ers opened as ten-point favorites over the Cardinals in a divisional matchup that has featured some blowouts and some wild finishes. The odds have are up to 11 points at 5Dimes and down to 9 1/2 at a couple other sites.

I don't think complacency is an issue for this team, but that's also kind of when complacency comes up and bites you in the butt. Coach Harbaugh is always looking for challenges to keep the team improving and I would argue the latest challenge is getting a strong bounce-back effort after a huge, emotional win over a potential playoff rival. This is not to say the 49ers will struggle this Sunday, but given all that was involved in yesterday's win, it's something to consider.

The good news coming into this game is the Cardinals are coming off a big win of their own and are on a bit of a roll lately. They've won two straight and had a chance at three straight before blowing their lead in Baltimore. They have plenty of work in front of them, but they are not a complete pushover at this point.

Is there cause for any sort of concern heading into Sunday's game, or has Coach Harbaugh the kind of professional environment that can power through any potential complacency?